Violin lessons

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Individual courses

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Custom violin lessons

Every violin lesson will take place between you and your teacher and it will be customized depending on your level and needs.


Learning to play violin takes time and practice. We will teach you the best technique and show you ways to improve your performing on stage.

Recommended age

The proper age to start learning the violin is 5 years old. But if you are older than 5 and playing the violin is an old dream, let us tell you that dreams can become true. It requires a phone call and some patience.


You can share with us your musical taste and based on your current music abilities we will recommend the proper repertoire.

On stage

You will have multiple opportunities to play the violin in front of your colleagues, your parents, your friends and to show them what you’ve learned. Also, on stage you will find out what you need to do further to improve your performing.


Each violin lesson will last 50 minutes. All the lessons are individual and customized to help you grow. Together we will find the best time frame to meet and to start this journey. Give us a call and let’s meet.

Music is for all!

No matter your age or your level. Music is FOR EVERYBODY.

If you are:


A total beginner


Insanely passionate about music


Professionist but looking to evolve

…then Sonore We is your place to be!



You will see that Sonore We is a place where people laugh, enjoy music and each other’s company.
Whether you are a total beginner or you are looking to improve, we are here to help you reach your goal. Learn faster with the personal dedication and attention from an expert.