Classical and Electrical Guitar courses

Be the artist you want to be!

Individual courses

International experience


Individual courses

Each guitar lesson is individual and customized to help you grow. No matter the age, we will guide you step by step into finding out more about playing the guitar.

Instrumental technique

In each and every lesson you will learn about the instrument, how to play scales, chords, songs, guitar solos and how to properly study at home to see the results really fast. Together we will establish clear goals and work to achieve them!

Recommended age

While every child is different, it is generally recommended to wait until he is at least 6 years old before starting guitar lessons.


You can share with us your musical taste and based on your current music abilities we will recommend the proper repertoire. Evolving comes with the most appropriate guidance!

On stage

The stage will be the one to help you grow faster. Stage presence is that charisma that you develop only by performing in front of others; it is about sharing the best of yourself.


Each guitar lesson is individual and customized. We agree upon the best time frame to meet and for 50 minutes, every week, you will have fun and will learn new interesting things. Let’s meet!

Music for all

No matter your age or your level. Music is FOR EVERYBODY.


A total begginer


Insanely passionate about music


Professionist but looking to evolve

….then Sonore We is your place to be!



You will see that Sonore We is a place where people laugh, enjoy music and each other’s company.
Whether you are a total beginner or you are looking to improve, we are here to help you reach your goal. Learn faster with the personal dedication and attention from an expert.