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Shape that inner artist!

The actions you take NOW, matter for your FUTURE!

Let’s make a progress together into understanding music better. We have the right tools and the knowledge, but only you have the POWER to say YES to music.

Why should you come to us?
You will be a part of a friendly and helpful community with over 1000 members that will gather their strengths, alongside our professors, to push you through your limits.
Your brain will be in a better shape if you take music lessons, especially if you learn to play an instrument in a warm and happy environment, such as ours.
No matter the age, you CAN get over any excuse or fear like ,,I don’t have a great voice”, ,,I am too old” or ,,This is not for me”. Let us help you!
There is no perfect age to start doing the things you like. But there is a right time to start and that time is RIGHT NOW.


You’ll get the personalized music courses you need


Discover your inner power by singing in front of others


Warm people that will make you feel at home

Our courses

You can find out more about music by learning to SING or to play an instrument of your choice: PIANO, VIOLIN, GUITAR or UKULELE.
For children, the ideal age to start playing an instrument is 5 years old. For you… whether you are 20, 40 or 80, if you feel motivated to learn an instrument or to develop your singing technique, do it! You will progress fast, especially if you enjoy it.



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Congratulations for organizing at such a professional level a great music contest. Also, thank you for allowing children with autism to be a part of the community and have the opportunity to stand up and believe in a better tomorrow. Sonore Music.

Contest represents the motivation that children need in order to face new challenges. Thank you!


My daughter comes to Sonore for singing lessons every week and she loves it! We spend a great amount of time on the road, after school, but she always has a big smile on her face when is music time. The music teachers are great and friendly, making us feeling appreciated and welcomed every time. Thank you!

PS: the older brother, who is more into football, got the ,,music virus” from his sister and now he wants to join her.


Music is better than language; it feeds the soul. My son, Pavel, comes to Sonore for over 2 years now for singing and piano lessons. He grew up with music, love and trust that was given by all the school members. Many thanks especially to Teodora.

Teodora for the music journey she took Pavel and for everything that she has prepared for his development.


If you’re reading this, you are most likely interested in music. So, here’s my take on this: You can (and should for that matter) give it an honest-to-God try, nothing to lose if you do, right? You are going to discover an entire universe you didn’t even have a single clue existed. On this path there are many challenges and moments of loss of belief in yourself, but those pale in comparison with the “eureka” feelings you will get, the pleasures of realizing what you are capable of. You can start on that path alongside others who will direct your steps. That’s what I found at Sonore We, people willing to help and guide me, people willing to take the time to make the entire experience as smooth and as warm as possible.

Our team

Devoted and experienced music professors, with lots of energy, passion and desire to help you shine.


My passion for piano grew at Trinity College of Music in London.


I started playing piano 15 years ago.


Music is my second nature.

Claudiu Spătaru

Music is a way of living, not just a hobby.


Dare to discover the music universe.


Violin is my passion since I was 5.

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When it is the best time to start music lessons?

We recommend to start music education at the age of 4, choir lessons, piano, violin, and singing lessons at the age of 5 and guitar/ukulele lessons at the age of 6.

Will I be able to learn by myself a song after a few lessons?

Learning an instrument or perfecting your singing technique is like learning a new language. It takes a little bit of time and the right guidance. If you decide to take music courses, make sure you come regularly for at least 6-7 months in order for you to be able to grow.

How many lessons do I need to attend?

That’s up to you. Music is a way of living. In order for you to become better, you’ll have to attend music lessons for a longer period of time.

Are there any music lessons for adults?

Of course. Whether you are 20 or 80, if you enjoy music and want to learn more, do it! We are one call away!

What if I don’t know for sure what music courses I want to attend?

Let’s find out! Come to a free audition and we will discuss more about your preferences. You can try all our instruments or try to sing. For sure you will discover your true passion.

Do I need to buy an instrument?

No, not at first. But in time, you will need one, of course. After 1-3 months of lessons, you will have some work to do at home, so you will need your personal instrument. But don’t worry. Our teachers will give you the best advice in terms of purchasing.

Ask us anything you want to know!