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Our mission

We believe that music is not just a hobby, is a beautiful way of living. Our mission is to provide complete musical education to those who share our passion for music. We hope to be an inspiration for children and adults in order to help them achieve their full potential by working with highly experienced music professors. Also, part of our mission is to encourage students to take action towards their dreams by offering lots of performing opportunities such as being on stage or recording at the studio, assisted by professionals.

We are committed to the highest standards of musicianship, being guided in our actions by passion and kindness.

Our vision

We aspire to provide lifelong enjoyment of music through innovative individual music program.

We believe that music is for everyone. Therefore, our biggest dream is to help as many people as possible to perceive music as one of the most beautiful and valuable ways of communicating, to gain self-confidence and develop increased sensitivity. Social integration, comprehensive children education and providing ways to better nurture relationships is what we look forward to do through music.

There’s a first time for everything

It doesn’t matter if you have some basic music experience or no experience at all. The fact that you want to learn more is enough for us. We are here to help you every step of the way. Our music courses will:


Boost your creativity


Give you energy and motivation


Make you disciplined and organized

Sonore WE is your music school, your place to grow and your second home

Sign up for the most friendly music community in Romania, where you get the chance to learn a variety of music genres in the heart of Bucharest. You’ll have the opportunity to develop on stage, to participate in various music competitions and to meet new people that have the same interests as you. Can’t wait to have you in our community!



Give yourself the opportunity to grow! Sonore We will challenge you to become more, to unleash your inner artist and to exceed your own expectations. Don’t just believe us. Give it a try.


Good people make every experience 1000 times more interesting and fun-to-do. A big and helpful community awaits you. Make that one step that can really change your everyday life.


What is life without feelings and experiences to share with others? If that is one question you think about all the time, then we have the answer. You can find it on George Enescu street, no. 8, Bucharest.


Music is magic; you know it’s true. It helps us communicate our feelings, shapes our entire personality and increases creativity and productivity. It’s insanely helpful. So why not have music in your life forever?

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They say that “The more, the merrier”. When it comes to ear training, identifying pitches or melodic lines, group learning is real helpful. Not to mention the connections and friendships that develop in time.

Singing lessons

Do you want to learn your favorite songs from your favorite music artists? Sign up for our individual music lessons, personalized for your own needs.


Your soul will be grateful for choosing these instruments. You will improve your motor skills, strengthen your hands and wrists and be more relaxed during the day. Also, you will be known as the fun boy/girl who knows how to shake the atmosphere with his/her guitar.


Ah…the one and only! The most complex and technical instrument, but also the most colorful and mesmerizing. Beat the odds and learn to play the piano, no matter the age or the experience. Call us and let’s get you a free audition!

We’ve got you covered

Sonore We is the place where you will feel energized and full of potential. Our teachers, with international work experience, are ready and happy to show you everything that the universe of music has to offer. If music is your call, Sonore team is your family. We are fully prepared to give you the best advice and help you achieve your professional goals.

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